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The Must-Be-Admired Things: Collected Poems & Translations

This book contains all of the collections below, including the translation of Rilke's Duino Elegies. It is available on Amazon Here.

Duino Elegies, by Rainer Maria Rilke,  Tavern Books, 2013

“Miranda makes Rilke persuasive in English to a degree that is perfectly astonishing.  Nowhere does it read like a translation.” 

 —Robert Boyers, Salmagundi

“At last here is a translation of Rilke that retains the brilliance of the original.  Throw away all your other translations of the Duino Elegies and get this one.”  

—Robin Skelton, The Malahat Review

Turning Sixty, Zoland Books, 2003

[From the dust jacket:]
“This book is a kind of birthday gift to myself.  Compiling—and in some case revising—these sixty poems has given me much joy, and I pass them on out of my long-standing conviction that it is in the nature of a gift to be shared.” 
—Gary Miranda

Grace Period, Princeton University Press, 1983

"Though his work is intensely introspective, he deals with universals. Miranda is an old friend who brings readers back to the poetry in themselves."

Northwest Magazine

Listeners at the Breathing Place, Princeton University Press, 1979  

“Miranda’s best is breathtaking. Beyond the words, whatever is is light. A poet who can make us know, with this intensity, what we may do when the words each into silence, even the silence between the stars, has begun to tell us of the place for love. Certainly we can want no better.” 

 —Michael Heffernan, Poetry​

The Seed That Dies: Twelve Elegies, Kedros Press (Athens, Greece), 1973

“'The Seed That Dies’ [is] a singularly successful lament the first part of which I carry around with me, a talisman for all the ‘as ifs’ of one’s life.” 

—Maxine Kumin


The Alphabeast Book: Luminare Press, 2020 

"These strange beasts from A to Z,
   or as some prefer, 'to Zed,'
I must admit they frighten me,
   I’ll be under the bed."
   —Lemony Snicket
   Author of A Series of Unfortunate Events


Splendid Audacity: The Story of Pacific University, 2000

Following A River:  Portland's Congregation Neveh Shalom, 1869-1989. Jewish Historical Society of Oregon, 1989

A Heaven in the Eye, by Clyde Rice (Editor).  Breitenbush Books, 1984.   Winner, Western States Book Award, judged by Robert Penn Warren