Gary Miranda, Writer

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"BROTHERS" won the Cinestory Screenplay Competition and also took first place in the Venice Arts Screenplay Competition. One of the Venice Arts judges wrote:  “I am still impressed by this story, a week after reading it. These characters grab you by the heart and just never let go.”

BROTHERS: A Screenplay

Log line:

When two troubled young men retreat from the world to a Jesuit seminary, they develop a friendship that forces them to confront the personal demons they’d hoped to escape.

Gary writes:

“BROTHERS is loosely based on a memoir I wrote about my six years in Jesuit seminaries and a remarkable, lifelong friend I met there.  Like Sal in the script, I began writing the memoir when I heard about the death of my friend.  Though the memoir won an Oregon Literary Arts Award, I wasn’t happy with it and didn’t try to publish it.  Specifically, I didn’t like having to refer to a 17-year-old version of myself as ‘I’ when all I really wanted was a story about these two guys and how they influenced each other’s lives.  Writing it as a screenplay, where you simply visualize the two characters on the screen, allowed me to do this.  It also freed me from loyalty to personal history and allowed me to concentrate on loyalty to the demands of story.”

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